How to Advertise To Millions Per Day for Free

Published: 01st June 2010
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Would you like to advertise and sell to Millions your product, service, or business opportunity everyday for free? No strings attached?

Like yourself, I market online and one of my biggest expenses had been advertising. You know the old saying, "it's takes money to make money..." Whoever came up with it must have been thinking about advertising costs. Now, you can almost totally and completely WIPE out that advertising cost when you place a FREE Classified Ad Online at:

Here is what happens when you set up a FREE account:

- After your ad has been approved and posted it immediately is Tweeted to over 65K targeted Followers (last week 4-19-10 that figure was 61K)

- Twice per day an email is sent out to 2.7 Million Targeted, Double Opt in People that are interested in what you are selling or offering.

- Twice per day a link to is posted to over 100 social networks. Social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, Plaxo, ActiveRain, Ning, Linkedin, , Xango, Bebo, and scores of others.

- When your ad has posted, a unique link to your specific advertisement will is created. You can use that link to market your particular product or services as you see fit. This is just an added bonus.

- Every 10 to 15 mins. a Bulletin is posted on MySpace with information about to thousands of myspacers. This list is growing every single day. Unlike Facebook, there is not 5K limit.

- Also, featured ads get socially bookmarked to 30 Plus social Bookmarking Websites for every ad that is placed, thus exposing your ad to potentially millions more.

For NO extra charge, if you do not see a particual catagory that is specific to your needs, shoot over and email and they will ad it, usually within a few hours.

The Only Cost, if you were to choose to utilize this, would be a feature ad. This is where your ad is placed on the banner of the front page with other such ads. This cost is $3.99 for 30 days.

I know one question in your mind might be, there has got to be a catch... how can they offer this without any cost? Well to answer that question, it is a plain and simple NO, there IS NO CATCH. The site is paid for by sponsors like Google, Amazon and other affiliates that place ads on the site with the hopes that you or other people looking for things either click on or choose to purchase what they are offering. You are under NO obligation to click on any other ads posted on what-so-ever. However you will notice that there are advertisements for other websites that allow you to post free ads and I do encourage you to explore those as well. The only thing it will cost you is the time to click and find out.

Oh, one other thing, there is no limit to the number of ads you can place. Take advantage of this opportunity now.

MY Best Wishes to you and Your Family,

Lawrence D Bland


Phone: 409-554-0355

Skype: mtgmantx


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